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About me

In a nutshell:

  • quick, objective, straightforward

  • experienced in corporate work & leadership positions

  • fascinated by knowledge and deep understanding


Personal Profile & Qualifications:

  • Leadership positions in marketing & sales in global pharmaceutical companies

  • Education as systemic business coach (DCV)

  • Education as Internal Coach (ICF)

  • MBA European Business School (ebs), Germany, Argentina and the US

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Acknowledge. Understand. Change.

The journey


You have an issue with something.

And you are absolutely sure what it is about! 
But are you? 
We often experience a nagging concern, going around and around in circles. At some point, we just try to stop overthinking, as it doesn't help anyway.
Or we get annoyed with a certain topic over and over again with others - peers, direct reports, superiors.

As a first step in our coaching journey, we nail the topic down: what do you want to work on?

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So many things seem easy on a rational level. Of course, there is no point in getting upset about something!

Love it, change it or leave it - we all know the rules of the game.

If only it were that simple.
The next stage in my coaching approach is about going beyond the definition of the topic. Why do we stumble across certain topics again and again? Why can't we "just" take the next step?


Upon acknowledgement and understanding follows your personal conclusion. What do you want to change and what do you want to keep? What does this mean for you and those around you?

What actions are leading to your personal goal - or are at least a step in the right direction?

Together we will work on tools and measures that will take you further on your way.

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Stop thinking. Start doing.

Why wait - take action!

Simply send an email to,

or call me on +49 178-572 9958.

The first session is complimentary anyway - to clarify further question and to see, if we want to work together.

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Systemic business coaching

The meaning

Client 7


One topic rarely stands isolated. We all consist of different experiences, fulfilling several roles in life - that are influencing each other. In order to understand the connections and interactions, we illuminate your topic in your personal context - your "system".

Client 1


As a working person, a large part of your life takes place in a business context. This is where many conflicts arise - in a team, with peers, direct reports, superiors - or maybe sometimes in yourself.

Your business environment often serves as starting point of the coaching - but it is rarely limited to that.

Client 2


I am still looking for an accurate, general and understandable definition of coaching. For me personally, as your coach, I see myself as a companion during a part of your journey. I use structured questions to ensure that you know where you are going, what the next steps are - and which (self-imposed?) hurdles you might find in your way.

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+49 178 5729958

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